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Kennedy Assassination

In Mein Kampf Hitler states that the public is more easily misled by a huge lie than by small ones.    Hitler observes that the public grants huge lies believability because the implications of their leaders being so dishonest are unthinkable.

This is what applies to those currently in government, media and academics who are in denial about the inevitable conclusion that John Kennedy was killed by people in his own government, just as people in France's government at the same time sought to kill their President, Charles DeGaulle [and for similar reasons].    For the French their President was not in denial about the willingness of some around him to contemplate assassination, so he prepared himself and therefore the plots against him failed.    For Kennedy however his faith in the American system caused him to deny the signs that those around him wanted him dead.    He took no precautions, and therefore ended up dead on a stretcher at Parkland hospital in Dallas, the victim of a wide-ranging conspiracy which included hundreds of people.

Living in Texas, there was much suspicion here that Lyndon Johnson arranged for Kennedy to be killed, and time and evidence has demonstrated that to be accurate.   Johnson was in fact the linchpin of the conspiracy.    Others who conducted it would never have done so without the participation of the next President.   With his cooperation though there was no risk that anyone would be accused or punished.    With the next President in the loop the plan was guaranteed success.    That's the sole reason why it happened.

As in most major crimes of this sort it was done for reasons of defense rather than ambition.    Johnson was assured to be indicted for his many financial crimes and acts of corruption which allowed him to become a rich man shortly after arriving in Washington a penniless politician from the Texas hill country.   The only person who could intervene to disrupt these criminal investigations was the Attorney General, the President's brother Robert, and unfortunately for Johnson he had alienated Robert completely with his personal animosity against him.    Johnson was a psychologically unstable man with enormous personal malice within him, and Robert was merely one among many who for whatever reason Johnson framed with a passionate hatred although Robert had done absolutely nothing to deserve it.     That was Lyndon's personality and made him among the most hated personalities in Texas among many.

The process began with Lyndon.    He was a killer, had ordered the killing of others before, and so there no inhibitions working against this decision once he understood how it would succeed.    At that time in Texas murder wasn't a strange thing.     Murder in Texas was much more common than in other, less wild places of American society.    Murder was almost commonplace.

Lyndon broached the topic first with C.I.A. officer Cord Meyer.   Meyer had various motives for wanting to see Kennedy go, and took the idea to Allen Dulles, the man who headed C.I.A. during it's powerful era of the 1950s until he was dismissed by President Kennedy for many reasons.   With the support of Dulles the plan was assured.     Thereafter it was only a matter of recruiting motivated subordinates to carry it out.     Among those who participated within C.I.A. were David Phillips from Fort Worth, Texas, who set up the frame of Lee Oswald and recruited the team which performed the shooting.    Working with the team also was officer William Harvey, who informed one of his personal friends, La Cosa Nostra figure John Rosselli, who informed several American mafia bosses in various cities who spoke about it in telephone conversations recorded by the F.B.I.     Nothing in these conversations reveals that anyone in the American mafia undertook the plan - only that they expected the assassination to occur and that some welcomed it.    

After the assassination for those who knew of it's actual perpetrators there was nowhere to go, no law enforcement agency which would act.    The President himself would block any investigation by the Justice Department, and it appears that the F.B.I. was only interested in participating in the cover-up of any government involvement [if not actually participating in the killing as well].    At a minimum the F.B.I. had claimed that Lee Oswald acted alone and was motivated by personal reasons.   They made this conclusion on the same day as the killing without any investigation to speak of.    Anyone who's tried convincing a law enforcement agency or prosecutor that they're wrong about a matter and should reconsider knows that it's a fool's errand.    F.B.I. would follow no subsequent leads no matter what they might be.    The crime took place in Texas and Lyndon had law enforcement there all sewn up.    The particular city and county in which it occurred was unbelievably corrupt.    It was among the cities in the nation with the highest homocide rate anywhere, and killings  and those getting away with same in that town were as ordinary as the white steadson hats Dallas detectives loved to show off wearing.

So let's turn to the evidence, three undeniable and otherwise unexplainable facts which cannot be ignored.    It was afterall a large and sloppy conspiracy. 

Phony Secret Service Agents in Dealy Plaza

Look no further than the "Warren Report" [Johnson's Official Commission on who shot Kennedy] and it's right there - Dallas police and others reporting that they encountered people in the area claiming that they were there with the Secret Service when in fact the Secret Service had no such people there.   These were falsely credentialed persons who were there for other reasons, presumably to kill the President, and they were able to avoid detention by using their false IDs.    Would be debunkers who claim that Oswald acted alone have no answer to this because there can be none.   They pretend, insincerely, that it doesn't exist.

Testimony of Parkland Hospital Staff that Kennedy was shot from the front

Almost twenty people at the hospital which Kennedy was taken to saw that there was a large exit wound in the back of the President's head.    At least seventeen over the years recorded this observation in interviews.    However the drawings and photos presented from the President's autopsy made by military officers at Bethesda Naval Hospital show only an exit wound in the front, rather than the back, of the President's head.     There is much other evidence as to how these autopsy items were fabricated, and the President's brain was removed and subsequently lost, but there can be no doubt that fabrication occurred.    It is not possible for the entire staff of Parkland hospital to be mistaken about a huge hole in the back of the President's head.   Contrary to the claims of would be debunkers [which are mere wishful thinking] it is simply not possible for seventeen medical professionals to be wrong about such a matter.

David Phillips Admission that Oswald was never in Mexico City

C.I.A. officer David Atlee Phillips was the founder of the C.I.A.'s organization of retired officers, can be found appearing in the film, "On Company Business" bragging about the immoral nature of his work, and loved to make public appearances on College campuses and even debated assassination researchers.

David Phillips, who was from Texas and was known in his C.I.A. capacity by members of my own family from San Antonio, was an affable man who loved the spotlight and headed the Western Hemisphere Division of the Clandestine Services.

As part of the frame of Oswald, Phillips fabricated pictures and audio tape in Mexico city weeks before the assassination purporting to show that Oswald visited the Soviet and Cuban missions there seeking to return to Russia, and met with a KGB officer who was claimed [falsely I might add] to have "been the KGB person responsible for assassination in the Western Hemisphere [as though there was such an office title in the KGB].

The point of the frame was to convince others in government, and perhaps the public, that Oswald was perhaps acting on orders from the KGB and that therefore it was too dangerous to national security to dig deeper into the assassination and that the whole matter should be forgotten.    This ruse was used by the conspiracy participants time and time again to alarm the public into going along with the F.B.I's story that Oswald acted alone.   For example Johnson told Chief Justice Earl Warren that he MUST agree to chair the President's inquiry because the public mustn't know that Oswald might have been acted as a Soviet agent because if they suspected such they would cry out for revenge and a war with Russia might ensue.     Johnson also told Walter Cronkite in an interview after he was no longer President that he believed Oswald acted in conjunction with others, and Johnson made this statement to many others all the time, furthermore saying that the "others" were Russians and Cubans.    You many also find statements like this on the internet by other participants of the conspiracy, including Frank Sturgis.    This was the set up line, and the evidence for it was C.I.A. photos and audio tape from Mexico city purporting to show Oswald, though it doesn't.    The plot was so sloppily constructed that Phillips didn't bother to use an Oswald double for either the pictures or the audio tape, and even the F.B.I. when their agents examined these items found that it clearly wasn't Oswald.    Then in 1978 when the House Select Committee on Assassinations confronted Phillips with the continued existence of the audio tapes [which he claimed were destroyed] Phillips fled the investigation, which was subsequently shut down by cutting off its funding.    All these matters of Phillips' cavalier construction of the Oswald would-be double in Mexico City was so transparent to all that in order to save his own credibility by the 1980s Phillips himself stated in public debates that Oswald had never even been in Mexico City, and by implication that the whole matter was a fabrication constructed before the assassination to frame him.

In David Phillips' megalomanaical mind it became less important to continue the fiction of the assassination than to continue a line which no one anymore believed and which detracted from his own image and credibility.

That was the David we all knew.

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  1. Would like to read some of your ideas on how many shooters, etc. Did someone shoot from the bridge location ( manhole cover ). Who were the shooters in your opinion. Was there an Oswald double setting up appearances here and there ? Another short blog on the subject would be interesting. Thanks.