Monday, March 31, 2014

Why I am a Holocaust Denier

I am a holocaust denier because the facts don't comport with the version of the holocaust put forward by holocaust promoters.    According to them if someone doesn't agree with each and every aspect of their version then they claim that person to be a denier, so I guess that's what I am.

There are two issues here in evaluating what really happened.   One is based on usual historical evidence - what does the historic record indicates really happened in the holocaust.   If you examine the evidence it doesn't support the traditional holocaust narrative told to Americans since the war, and this record is clear.   This is why even holocaust promoters have now changed their stories about the scope of the supposed killing.

The second issue has to do with the credibility of those making claims about the remaining, controversial portion of the holocaust killings because except for those testimonies by individuals there is no historical evidence or documentation.

Let's first turn to the historical evidence and how it's now reduced dramatically what all historians regard as the scope of the killing.

After the war the American public was told that gas chambers were used in sixteen concentration camps in Germany to kill people the Nazis wanted dead, including Jews.    The camp in the American zone of occupation was the oldest of all the camps, the one at Dacchau, and there is a gas chamber there which every person who visits there is shown as the gas chamber where people were murdered.    As well there are American produced films purporting to show lampshades made out of human skin, and soap made from human bodies...

However in the last twenty years scholars have researched these claims and they all now agree, based on testimony as well as documentation and records, that all of these claims were fabrications made by the US Army Intelligence Corps in cooperation with the British, as well as the Soviet Union.

Why would the allies AFTER the war engage in such misleading propaganda?

The answers are simple and chilling.    In the early phases of the war both Britain and the United States made numerous statements against the use of bombing of cities as a horrendous war crime.    The British Prime Ministers and other officials as well as President Roosevelt and others continually called the bombing of cities to be horrific war crimes.    However during the war both Britain and the United States, contrary to their own assertions, engaged in terror bombing of cities on a massive scale.    These bombings were not usually to disable particular strategic targets but to destroy the cities themselves, and to kill their inhabitants.   

After the war the United States and Britain needed to justify what they'd done, and the way they chose to do it was to fabricate a whole series of claims of even worse conduct by the Germans to deflect criticisim away from themselves.   And of course the Russians were more than eager to amplify these claims with those of their own so that the world wouldn't criticize them so much when they brutally installed their communist partners in their occupied countries, supposedly justified by the fight against fascism.

It has now also been revealed that the testimony of key Germans at the Nuremberg Trials confessing to mass killings and the reasons for the invasions of France, etc., were confessions made under torture by British thugs and were not accurate in any way.

So what then was the documented scope of the holocaust?

The Germans kept records of all the civilians they systematically killed.    They never did anything to hide these killings.   As the German army moved eastward through the Soviet Union they assisted in the killing of two groups - communists and Jews.    These two groups were identified in documents and orders as to be eliminated, and each village, city and town where such killings occurred had its tallies reported back to Berlin.     In most cases it was local anti-communists to rounded up these two groups because communists had killed so many people in these areas when they took control that they were universally hated.    As for the Jews they were so closely linked to the communists that the anti-communists viewed them as the same.    Regrettably it was almost entirely Jews in each of these villages, cities and towns which were the spearhead of support for the communists and their murderous rampages.    For the people who lived in these areas they were appalled that few if any Jews dissented from the atrocities of the communists, so when the Germans came they felt little guilt about giving to Jewish women and children what they appeared to have no problem meeting out to others previously.   That is simply the truth about what happened on the eastern front, and it was not at all the simple anti-semitic slaughter from traditional hatred of Jews that holocaust promoters claim. 

According to the German records over one and one half million Jews were murdered in the east by these means, and it always involved killing by gunfire.

There were no killings of Jews in the sixteen concentration camps and work camps in Germany.    That is not to say however that Jews and others in the camps didn't die by the thousands as a result of mistreatment.    The conditions in these camps were often horrible, and people were sometimes worked and starved to death.    They were kept in conditions in which typhus and other diseases spread and killed many.    There were delousing gas chambers in these facilities for killing lice, and that's what the cyclone B gas pellets were actually used for.    And there was some medical care provided.    But the simple fact is that although the Germans didn't directly kill anyone in these camps, at least not in a systematic way, they created conditions in which many perished, and this indifference and inhumanity is a war crime nonetheless.    However it's not the direct killing which holocaust promoters claim to demonize the Germans.

In addition to the 1.5 million Jews which were killed in the east what are we to believe about the supposed mass killings at Auschwitz/Berkinau and the four camps in Poland, the so-called "Operation Rheinhart" camps in which people were transported for the purpose of killing.

Well there's no evidence of mass killing at even these five camps except for the testimonial claims of a few dozen people there, out of tens of thousands still there when they were occupied by the Russians.    As well there were hundreds of thousands that had lived at those camps who were survivors who were moved to the sixteen camps in Germany as the Russians approached.    So there are hundreds of thousands of survivors of these camps and only a few dozen make these claims of mass extermination.    That's clearly a disparity of testimony under the circumstances.     Additionally there is the clear exaggeration which the Soviets made about what happened at these camps.   For example all during the period of communist rule in Poland the plaque at Auschwitz said that five million people were killed there, but after the communists fell the plaque was changed to read only 2.5 million.    So is there anymore basis for the 2.5 million number than for the 5 million number?    I don't think so.    The plaque was changed because holocaust scholars claimed that only 5 million Jews were killed during the war, and that would mean that they were all killed at Auschwitz and no where else, so they changed the plaque to imply that maybe half of all the Jews killed were killed there - hardly any evidence.

The simple truth is that the people making claims that anyone was killed in mass at any of the camps, anywhere, simply have no credibility because they've been caught lying over and over again.

My mind is open to the claim that there may have been gas chambers at the five camps in Poland, and that these chambers were used to kill Jews and others.   But the lack of credibility of all those making these claims compels me to discount their claims.    It rests entirely on their testimony and they've destroyed their own believibility entirely.

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